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just the stuff I keep saying all day...

"Don’t start up just because ‘you want to’. Start up because a real problem wants you…"
— rodinhood
"One if the greatest lessons I’ve learnt over my 29 years of working (as an entrepreneur) is that there is ALWAYS a deal out there waiting to be cracked…"
- rodinhood
"It seems that the Long Kriya is just a completely different process all together! After 10 years I’m now experiencing that it’s the one shot cure for all problems?!?"
— rodinhood
"Asking is the most noble profession on earth. Just ask. It’s a kind of humility that melts the Universe…"
— rodinhood
"'Once upon a time' are 4 words that we hear & read often. Funnily, they explain the concept of existence so naturally!
If time = infinite ; once = unknown and upon = event, then the entire statement means ‘we are an unknown event in infinity…’"
— rodinhood
"Let’s examine ‘nothing’.
Think of a jar with cookies. You remove the cookies and the jar has ‘nothingness’.
Now examine yourself. What can you remove from inside of you to have ‘nothingness’? What ‘something’ goes out to achieve ‘nothing’…?"

Question that arose just after my Kriya while slipping into Sahaj Samadhi… Jgd

- rodinhood


"To be REALLY helpful to people, be as TRUTHFUL as you can. Even if it means that they never speak to you again… (At least that’s my philosophy)…"
— rodinhood
"Inspire people. Motivate people. Lead people. Enrich people.
Do the job of the Universe and it will partner with you…"
— rodinhood
"The more the things you have in life to ‘look forward to’, the more life will reward you.
Celebrate the minutest things in life. They are the biggest victories…"
— rodinhood
"This morning I accomplished a yoga pose that took me 1+ year to accomplish.
Takeaway? Just don’t give up…"
— rodinhood

Give me…

Give me mountain,
To disappear in;
Give me a cloud,
To fly away;
Give me a river,
To dissolve by;
Oh give me a darkness,
To stare, stare, stare at…



sept 9, 2014

"It’s funny to see how some people are still clutching on to AAP and the ‘greatness’ they represent. I’ve seen this phenomena a lot while starting up:
- denial that things are going bad
- denial that the founder/ceo is actually incompetent
- denial of the market reality
- denial of the impending doomed future (hoping for some miracle)
Don’t ever be in DENIAL.
It’s a self imposed cursed you don’t deserve…"

- rodinhood

"The best part of being an Entrepreneur is that everyday you can wake up and say, ‘Today I may have an insight that could make me Steve Jobs…’
No other profession lets you say that…"
— rodinhood
"Can you close your eyes for 2 mins right now and focus on listening to your heartbeat? Can you hear a name? What do you hear?"
— rodinhood
"If you plot effort on the x axis and success on the y axis, don’t expect a sharp upward line.
There is a hidden z axis called luck that screws it up…"
— rodinhood

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