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2 girls and their Cake

Yesterday evening, as per tradition, we went to the Starbucks BKC for therodinhoods open house after ‘tea’ party. The center table was occupied, so we looked around and found a row of double seaters to occupy. 

In the middle seats were these 2 girls. I politely requested them if they could move to the side. They grumpily agreed. As courtesy, I carried their glasses and cake to their table. While doing so, I began to ‘eye’ the red velvet cake that had hardly been eaten by them.

One thing led to another and then the girl on the left happened to recognise me and said she was with ICICI and fondly remembered a video I had done for them. The girl in the blue also became friendly. All along while I talked to them, I kept eyeing their cake.

Finally, I told them, “Isn’t this a Red Velvet cake? My daughter loves it and tells me to eat it”

The blue girl said, “Yeah - you’ve been eyeing it all along right”?

I said, “yeah! Do you mind if i eat some of it?”

Both the girls happily agreed and I went and got a new fork and ate from the uneaten side. I actually ate more than they did :))))

We became friends and they (and a friend who joined later) all got copies of AOY!


BREAK ICE. TALK to strangers. Most people are GEMS and will have some connection with you ONLY IF YOU EXPLORE that possibility!

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"One way to find your true PURPOSE is to examine what you DON’T like in life. Then keep drilling down into WHY you don’t like it… Your purpose will emerge…"
— rodinhood
"If you really examine, it’s 90% thoughts vs. 10 % of real events that slow us down. Don’t ‘make up’ events that do not exist!!"
— rodinhood

the fundamental lessons of entrepreneurship:

4000 crore loss - 600 million funding wiped out!? May this RE-ITERATE the fundamental lessons of entrepreneurship:

- getting FUNDED is NOT SUCCESS. Building a profitable business IS!
- DONT LOSE SIGHT OF THE BALL. Losses happen overnight…
- NO ONE & NOTHING is predictable…

[naresh goyal’s moment of reckoning]

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"Today, do something you were scared or reluctant of doing.
Just BREAK YOUR mental barrier and do what you had to all this while…"
— rodinhood
"A REALLY good friend is someone whom you mildly dislike.
Think about it…."
— rodinhood

Every morning, when I open my cupboard a particular shirt screams at me - “wear me, wear me…”
Similarly when the Universe starts its day, it should hear you screaming “Try me, Try me”!!!

Ask, ask, ask & ask hard and you will be the chosen one!!

— rodinhood
"Meet 2 new people everyday.
You will learn 4 new things from them.
These will help you in 8 different ways - I guarantee…"
— rodinhood

Sometimes, the best part about asking for something is not the reward but the heartfelt dedication. And then it doesn’t matter if you receive your gift or not…

Many masters want you to make a sincere effort but not get spoilt by silly prizes…

— rodinhood
"Bad thoughts are those pesky people who try and grab camera attention as your consciousness roams your mind. Ignore them and continue to sweep your mind as a detached camera man…"
— rodinhood

Meditate. Pray. Breathe.

If you’ve been hardened by habits,
Meditation can soften you down.

If you’ve been abused by the world,
Prayer can mend your heart.

If you’ve just given up trying,
Breath can make you try again.

Mediate - Pray - Breathe.
That’s all that it takes.

In service,


july 13, 2014

"The first sign of success is when you stop imitating people; the second sign is when you stop imitating yourself…"
— rodinhood

On this day of Guru Purnima, a small note:

- Who is a Guru?
A guru is someone you see yourself becoming.

- Who can be a Guru?
Anyone who has the knowledge to improve & the discipline to act upon it

- When do you find a Guru?
The Guru finds you, when you are ready. 

- Why a Guru?
Because you need someone to tell you how good you can become!

- What does a Guru do?
Makes you feel natural, at peace and inspired to improve yourself

- Who is not a Guru?
Someone who makes you feel intimidated; obliged; superstitious; confused; biased or over-dependent.

- What should you do for a Guru?
Be yourself. Learn, imbibe, surrender & improve. 

Jai Gurudev. Om Babaji Om.



july 12, 2014

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