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"When someone says you have offended or harassed them even without you knowing, it’s best to say “Sorry” and move on.
Don’t waste time wondering…"
— rodinhood
"I like denominators. I like being at the bottom and having the power to ingest what may come my way. Entrepreneurs are denominators…"
— rodinhood

On Anon Posts…

I find it very amusing when my colleague Asha Chaudhry pings me about ‘anonymous’ posts on Quora or Secretly or Chuglee or Khujlee (whatever they are called :))

This is my take:

- ANY MENTION (Good, Bad, Ugly, Obnoxious) IS AWESOME!!! CELEBRATE it like its the front page of the ET or WSJ.


Who remembers anyone today? Who cares? If you / your startup is GETTING MENTIONS, there is SOMETHING you are doing right. Even if it means pissing off people, you ARE doing something! Arvind Kejriwal (someone I DETEST) had the HIGHEST MEDIA coverage in the History of Indian Politicians while he was doing all his silly antics in Delhi, etc. Once he stopped, he disappeared.

- Who writes on the Toilet Walls?

Frustrated, drunk, hopeless and homeless people. If someone is mentioning you on, then you know that it’s from a class of folks that need Soup and Bread. So don’t worry about them - even God has given up on them! But still be happy that Hobo Land and its inhabitants know you!!!

- What TO DO?

CELEBRATE!! POP THE CHAMPAGNE! A very nice young man came up to me at Wharton when I was speaking there in Feb and he said, “Alok, I am fascinated by the number of Anon posts on you on Quora! Even celebrities in America don’t get so much attention…”

If you are getting noticed, be happy… the good times don’t last long.

Asha - CHILL! Have fun and remember to save these pages before they get lost in time… we will show our children how famous we became!!!!


Dedicated to all the ‘well wishers, sooth sayers and helpers’ who spew at all entrepreneurs at these sites - KEEP UP the Good work and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!


- rodinhood

"It’s easy to be kind, humble, polite, sensitive, blah, blah, blah.
Who cares??
It’s TOUGH to be USEFUL. Be useful and then talk about achievement…"
— rodinhood
"The most successful people I know listen so well that they could quote you backwards. Listening is even more important than speaking…"


I’ve noticed that 98% of people DON’T listen. They:

- interrupt

- answer without context

- do not understand a simple question.

- rodinhood


When you try incessantly, it become more convenient for the Universe to give you what you want vs. constantly rejecting you…

Tire out the Universe till its patience runs out.

— rodinhood
"Waiting is Nature’s prison term. It’s a period you EARN to reflect, reminiscence & revive. When you serve your term, you are free…"
— rodinhood
"90% of EX 2win employees ALWAYS revert when called for help irrespective of when they left ! I just love the fact that we have remained friends…"
— rodinhood
"The unsuccessful believe other people but listen to only themselves.
The successful listen to other people but believe only themselves."
— rodinhood
"When I employ people now, I tell them that they are also ‘employing’ me & games2win to achieve what they want. So employment is ALWAYS a 2 way process…"
— rodinhood

Sri Sri on Dronacharya & Kaikeyi

Ques: Wasn’t it a very wrong thing Dronacharya did to ask for Eklavya’s finger?

#SriSri: Yes the whole world thinks that Dronacharya did a very wrong by asking for Eklavya’s finger and was very unjust . Look at this from a subtle level. If Dronacharya had not asked for his finger, Eklavya would have been a very good archer, a good hunter. Would he have been mentioned in the Mahabharat story? By asking for his finger, Dronacharya made Eklavya immortal, while taking all the infamy on himself. The same case is that of Kaikeyi . Kaikeyi is also thought to be a very bad woman, that she was very selfish in the way that she sent of Lord Ram to the forest. No. When Lord Ram comes to His mother Kaushalya, to seek her permission to leave for the forest, she said that if the King had asked Him to leave, then she would reversed the decision. But since it was Kaikeyi who asked Him to leave, she knew that Lord Ram had to leave. She knew that Lord Ram was very dear to Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi loved Lord Ram more than her life. She took the curses of the whole world to send Ram to the forest. If Ram had not been sent to the forest, there would have been no Ramayan.. that is why in Ramayan the most important character is Kaikeyi.

Takeaway for me:
Sometimes your worst enemies are your best friends…

- rodinhood

"Does the Rainbow care
About the pot
Of Gold
At its end?
Why do we
Always miss
The Rainbow
For the Gold?"
— rodinhood

In a day, cultivate at least ONE new thought that is uniquely yours. Without influence, imitation or instruction.

Nourish the Universe daily with your creativity…

— rodinhood
"The ceremony of choosing and wearing socks lasts for 30 secs in a day of 24 hours. For people like me, it’s very gratifying. Once you slip on your shoes, everything is forgotten. There are many such 30 seconders one can snatch in a day and make life very enjoyable…"
— rodinhood

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