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Sri Sri on Dronacharya & Kaikeyi

Ques: Wasn’t it a very wrong thing Dronacharya did to ask for Eklavya’s finger?

#SriSri: Yes the whole world thinks that Dronacharya did a very wrong by asking for Eklavya’s finger and was very unjust . Look at this from a subtle level. If Dronacharya had not asked for his finger, Eklavya would have been a very good archer, a good hunter. Would he have been mentioned in the Mahabharat story? By asking for his finger, Dronacharya made Eklavya immortal, while taking all the infamy on himself. The same case is that of Kaikeyi . Kaikeyi is also thought to be a very bad woman, that she was very selfish in the way that she sent of Lord Ram to the forest. No. When Lord Ram comes to His mother Kaushalya, to seek her permission to leave for the forest, she said that if the King had asked Him to leave, then she would reversed the decision. But since it was Kaikeyi who asked Him to leave, she knew that Lord Ram had to leave. She knew that Lord Ram was very dear to Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi loved Lord Ram more than her life. She took the curses of the whole world to send Ram to the forest. If Ram had not been sent to the forest, there would have been no Ramayan.. that is why in Ramayan the most important character is Kaikeyi.

Takeaway for me:
Sometimes your worst enemies are your best friends…

- rodinhood

"Does the Rainbow care
About the pot
Of Gold
At its end?
Why do we
Always miss
The Rainbow
For the Gold?"
— rodinhood

In a day, cultivate at least ONE new thought that is uniquely yours. Without influence, imitation or instruction.

Nourish the Universe daily with your creativity…

— rodinhood
"The ceremony of choosing and wearing socks lasts for 30 secs in a day of 24 hours. For people like me, it’s very gratifying. Once you slip on your shoes, everything is forgotten. There are many such 30 seconders one can snatch in a day and make life very enjoyable…"
— rodinhood

The horse

The horse didn’t go to the water,
So the water,
Came to the horse,
The horse didn’t drink the water,
So the water,
Drowned the horse,

The water was opportunity; 
the horse a silly entrepreneur…

- rodinhood


aug 18, 2014


If you wanna travel the world, start with a jet plane.
If you wanna travel the stars & suns, start with your mind…

Mediation is the greatest form of travel ever invented…

— rodinhood
"Trying is 1000x better than hoping and 1 million x better than “thinking”.
Try, try, try, try… Try till you die.."
— rodinhood
"98% of the time, if you do the exact OPPOSITE of what your mind tells you, you will do very well…"
— rodinhood

The Leela Mumbai and Gamification

I had a meeting at 1130 at the Leela Andheri and asked my kids + Chhavi Kejriwal to come along, hang out while I finished and then do something later in the ‘burbs’ :-)

While waiting, we entered the ‘24*7’ coffee shop and had the most unexpected experience of our life! The manager almost INTERROGATED us on entry:
1) Are you here for breakfast? (at 1120 he asked us)!
2) No? Oh.. why not use the lobby lounge?
3) Are you staying with us?
4) This section is Noisy… you can’t sit here
5) The window table? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. ok… let me check… it’s dirty… no…no … it’s reserved.

We walked back to the lobby and my kids SWORE never to come back to this “shitty hotel”. I went into my meeting.

But what transpired after I got up was the FUN PART.

The Hotel Manager met me (he claimed to know me from the Lands End) and asked me about the problem…

I could have ranted and given some BS, but instead I used the METAPHOR of Gaming:

I asked him to VISUALIZE the hotel as a game and the restaurants and lobby as ‘chapters & levels.’

Then, I explained to him how ‘speed-breakers’ (Asking Q’s, saying NO) makes Drop Offs happen (never to return). I told him about UX and UI and how he must study the business of games, retention, returning user, level funnel progression and gave him REAL LIFE EXAMPLES of what I would do to measure guest movement in the lobby if I were him. I said, create a ‘Share of Guest’ metric (SOG) and let restaurants COMPETE for who snatches which guests rather than throw them around like footballs!!!

He kept saying “yes sir, yes sir…”

Takeaway: Life and everything inside, is a GAME. Play it to have fun and make others have fun too!

- rodinhood

"Intent comes before method. Establish intent and everything will happen. Else you will be left in a dry swimming pool, flooded with excuses…"
— rodinhood
"Sometimes the deepest explanations come from the simplest of sources… Stay tuned to what you receive. It may be just what you wanted to understand…"

E.g.: I had introduced my daughter to ‘waiting in the weeds’ by the Eagles and then forgot all about it. Tonight, she played it and I said…”yessss… That’s for me…”

- rodinhood

Something strange happened - BMC Mumbai

Last Saturday, I woke up in the morning at 4 am on hearing a large clanging noise. It was as if metal was being banged repeatedly. I ‘assumed’ that Peddar Road was being repaired (thankfully) and went back to sleep.

In the morning, I kept hearing the clanging noise and examined the road outside. To my dismay, a large iron plate had been laid across a pothole and that was clanging loudly as cars rolled over it.

At first I told myself, “This is a test of meditation. Every time the plate clangs, remember Babaji”, but that did not last long. The noise was unbearable.

Then, I did the unexpected. I googled and called a BMC “Helpline” number - (91)-22-22694725.

I was surprised that a pleasant voiced man picked up in 2 rings and greeted me. At first I began to tell him politely (I always begin calls with MTNL and other govt. agencies politely but end by banging the phone) and explained the steel plate, how it seemed to be improperly ‘hinged’ etc. He heard me patiently.

Just towards the end, I said, “And when do you think Peddar Road will be repaired?” He said, “Sir, does this road have holes?” I said, “Are you living in Kashmir to ask me this stupid question? And I argued more and BANGED the phone down..”

I sighed and began preparing to live with the noise.

2 hours later, a persistent, rhythmic banging was heard. I peeped out of my balcony and was shocked to see a whole ‘gang’ of BMC workers assembled near the pothole. They had coal tar, tools and seemed to be there to solve the issue.

In 30 minutes, they had fixed the steel plate for good (corner of Peddar and Carmichael signal) and had gone away. The noise is a bare minimum now..


- MAKE AN EFFORT TO DO SOMETHING. Don’t just sit back and say ‘nothing’ will happen.
- Be prepared to be surprised. Sometimes, the worst of people and depts turn positive.
- Be polite (note to myself).

- rodinhood

"You have to gain Independence from yourself:
the You who compares, contradicts, conjures & confuses what is not required…"
— rodinhood

Each of us comes with our own Universe; with our own sun, moon & stars. We can look at other planetary systems but cannot be them. Our sun sets when someone else’s rises and our sunshine may coincide with someone else’s moonshine..

Just be happy to be here, spinning, orbiting, existing and ‘being’…

— rodinhood 

Sometimes, for 9 years, you don’t learn much. And then, in the next 9 days you learn so much that it will last you for the next 90 years…

Don’t underestimate anything - especially time…

— rodinhood

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